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    Saving Lives

    I'm as passionate about saving the lives of homeless dogs and cats as I am about reading. It's amazing what a few dedicated people can do when they rally together.

    End animal euthanasia in shelters: A Loving Goodbye
    Reform animal control: No Kill Nation
    Saving Chicago's homeless animals: CACC Rescue Team
    Saving New York's homeless animals: Urgent Pets on Death Row
    Rescue 5-0: Reform our shelter system and save lives: Rescue 5-0


    Jolly Rancher flower lollipops!
    Wall of bookshelves (Semi-DIY)
    DIY Present: Paper Quilling 


    I LOVE to spend time in new places. I've been slacking with my trip reports lately, but I'll post more soon.

    Some Recent Trips
    Spain 2012 (Trip canceled. I'm pregnant and was too sick to go. Next summer!)
    Napa Valley Region, CA 2012
    Las Vegas 2012
    Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland 2011
    Ireland 2010
    St. John, USVI 2008
    Greece 2008

    Great Travel Books
    Vagabonding by Rolf Potts
    The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton
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