A collection of posts related to reading. Ahhhhh, reading. The word alone makes me happy. Reading reading reading. Booky booky books. Is there anything better than time spent with your nose buried in a book? I think not.

    This outline follows my current course packet, so students: Check your packet index to find more information about each skill. I won't post page #s here because they change every semester. Revisions, revisions!

    And yes, students, I know you're laughing because this is one more way for me to organize information. Which is one of my favorite things to do. Go ahead and laugh, you know this is helpful.  

    General Reading Posts
    (Visit my I ❤ Books page for more posts about my love of reading. The posts on this page are primarily about the reading process, reading skills, reading habits, etc.)
    Reading Comprehension Posts
    • Before Reading Skills
    • During Reading Skills
      • Develop Metacognition
      • Identify Topic & Main Idea
      • Identify Supporting Details
      • Identify Text Structures
      • Identify Text Features
      • Predict Outcomes
      • Annotate
    • During/After Reading Skills
      • Read Critically: Distinguish Between Fact and Opinion
      • Read Critically: Recognize Generalizations
      • Read Critically: Identify Author's Purpose
      • Read Critically: Identify Bias
      • Read Critically: Identify Tone
      • Read Critically: Recognize Validity
      • Read Critically: Make Judgments and Draw Conclusions
      • Infer
      • Identify Use of Imagery and Figurative Language
      • Read Critically: Identify Propaganda
      • Read Critically: Recognize Fallacies
      • Evaluate Arguments
        • Source
        • Author Authority
        • Evidence
        • Definitions
        • Relationships between ideas
        • Identify underlying premises
        • Errors in Logic
      • Inductive and Deductive Reasoning
      • Critical Thinking
      • Retell
      • Reread
      • Respond
    Reading Fluency Posts
    • Oral fluency
      • Expressiveness while reading aloud
      • Comprehension while reading aloud
    • Silent fluency
      • Expressiveness while reading silently
      • Comprehension while reading silently
    • Reading Rate
    • Skimming
    • Scanning
    Vocabulary Posts
    Reading, Just Because
    • Reasons to Read
    • Book Clubs
    • Reader Culture  
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