Sunday, November 27, 2011

    DYK: 73 Books in a Year?!

    That's right! You can read 73 books in a year if you spend just one short hour reading per day.

    If one hour sounds like a lot of time, consider this:
    • Omit two short sitcoms from your daily television habit and replace them with reading, and voila! There's your hour. 
    • Read for the 15 minutes you have between classes, and you've already covered 25% of your daily reading time! Not too shabby.
    • Be honest: How much time do you spend on Facebook every day? Imagine if at the end of this year you spend just half of your regular Facebook time reading instead of browsing. You could probably get all of your reading time in just by cutting down on your FB time.
    Here's how it works:
    • The average reader reads between 250 to 350 words per minute. 
    • Let's say you're at the low end and read 250 words per minute. 
    • Let's also say that the average novel has 75,000 words in it. 
    • Do the math: 60 (minutes of reading per day) X 250 (words per minute) X 365 (days in one year) = 5,475,500 words read in one year! 5,475,500 ÷ 75,000 (words in your average novel) = 73 books read in just one year. 
    • Amazing how that works, isn't it?
    Maybe you haven't even read 73 books in your lifetime, let alone 73 books in a year. If that's the case, then my question is: What are you waiting for? Read a book! All the interesting people are doing it.
    And that, my friends, is the truth.

    So, what's your reading goal for this year? Do you have what it takes to be an interesting, well-read person? :) What time-wasters will you omit from your day to reach your goal?
    My goal? I'm an overachiever, so my goal is to read 84 books every year. Neener neener neener.


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