Wednesday, February 2, 2011

    Reading the Stars

    Or, what my rating system really means.
    (Read my reviews on Goodreads)

    Unputdownable. Bust into a bookstore and tell everyone to drop their books and read it amazing. I fell into the world of the book, and didn't want to crawl out. I may have wept when I finished reading, or more likely, postponed reading the final chapter for at least several days so I wouldn't have to put it away so soon. 
    Plans were canceled in favor of reading this book, and I don't regret it one bit. 
    Goodreads rating: I loved it
    Fantastic. I really enjoyed reading it. I loved it enough to ignore phone calls while reading, but probably made time to eat and sleep. Definitely worth recommending to others
    Goodreads rating: I really liked it

    A good read. I had a nice tine while reading it, though I may not have been compelled to read it straight through, or to shirk on responsibilities so I could continue reading it. Solid writing without distracting flaws or holes. Worth the time spent reading it, for sure.
    Goodreads rating: I liked it
    Just okay. If I finished it, I made the conscious decision to do so. If not, it's because I just didn't feel it was worth the time it would take.
    Goodreads rating: It was OK

    Not good. I probably only finished reading this book if other people required it of me. (Badass Book Club or a class of some sort.) Not worth the read, in my opinion.
    Goodreads rating: I didn't like it

    Please note that I do not believe in inflating ratings for any reason, no matter how much I may like a particular author. Same goes for free books and the like. I'm not interested in ruining the integrity of rating systems just because I really, really like someone, or because they gave me a free copy of their work. And frankly, neither should you!


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