Monday, November 28, 2011

    Why I Love Reading, Reason #1

    Books are collections of the best ideas of people who had something interesting to say.

    Whenever I'm in a library or bookstore, I'm always overwhelmed by the fact that I'm surrounded by the best of what so many people had to offer. All those ideas wrapped up in binding and pretty covers, it's enough to make a girl weep.

    So what if I wasn't alive when Shakespeare wrote A Winter's Tale? This nifty little invention we call writing makes it possible for me to read his ideas today, regardless. And then I get to take those ideas and check them against my own experiences and beliefs, and come out a better person for it on the other end.

    Theoretical physicists talk about time travel and whether it will be possible in the future. Guess what? It already exists. I travel back in time whenever I open up a book and read words that were written before I took my first breath. And don't get me started on immortality. You want to live forever? Write something down that will be worth reading for years and years to come.

    And that, my friends, is just one reason why I love reading. Why do you love reading? Read anything worth sharing lately?


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