Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    DIY Present: Quilling

    I wanted to make something special for my mama, so I searched the Internet for some new crafty skill to try out and I stumbled upon Yulia Brodskaya's amazing quilled pieces. Now, I'm no paper artist, but I figured I could whip out a little piece to frame.

    I stocked up on the essentials: 
    • Quilling strips ($3 from Hobby Lobby)
    • A quilling tool ($2.50 from Hobby Lobby--it's basically a thick needle set into a wooden handle)
    • Paper glue ($2)
     And then I quilled away:

     I decided on a simple design with the Hebrew word shalom in the middle. I made the outline of the letters and the star first, and then just filled them in with easy paper curls.

    It's not the cleanest piece, but once framed it looked pretty darn good. And mama agrees.


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