Tuesday, April 3, 2012

    Follow the Reader: Wenches & Vampires & Emoticons--Oh, My!

    Or, Behold: My Latest (Multi-Generational) Book Binge

    We were out to dinner with my awesome niece and nephew last Wednesday when I realized that I hadn't yet bought the book I needed to read for book club. Which was scheduled to meet on Friday. So of course, we had the perfect excuse to go lazy around the local Barnes & Noble for a while. And that's exactly what we did.

    After a delicious half hour of combing the Young Adult shelves and flipping through pages, we'd made our selections. The ten-year-old snagged Divergent and The Tomorrow Code. It was ttyl, The Vampire Diaries, and Drama High for the thirteen-year-old. My husband walked away with Peak. And I walked out . . . empty handed. We were halfway home when I realized I'd forgotten to get Wench (which was good, by the way) for book club, at which point we turned around.

    We went back home and curled up on the living room sofas, surrounded by the newly book-bedecked walls, and read together for nearly two hours in silence. It was wonderful.

    My nephew, incidentally, has already ready over 500 pages in Divergent. I can't wait for him to finish so I can borrow it.

    What about you? Which books have you bought lately?


    Emma said...

    That's so lovely that you all sit down and read together. I'd actually like to read most of the books your niece and nephew got!
    I recently bought and read all 3 books of The Hunger Games series in an effort to finish them before I went to the movie. Good books and an excellent film.

    Julia Tomiak said...

    My mother-in-law gave me a B&N gift card for my birthday (after reading my post on the future of B&N ;) ) so I bought The Night Circus (my current book club read), Paper Towns (by John Green), and I Am the Messenger by Marcus Zuzak. Now, when I will get to them all... What other books has your Book Club read? Can you recommend some titles? Thanks!

    Instructorwojdylo said...

    Hi Lori,

    I love how you've arranged your furniture and bookshelves. They look lovely. I hope you remember my, I am Heather Wojdylo from PCCC. I had contacted you earlier in the semester. I am currently also on blogger. I writer about certain books, which I want my students to pick up and enjoy as well. I was wondering, What did you think of the Hunger Games? I picked it up, and could not put it down. In about two week, I finished the first and second books of the trilogy. Well, hope to hear from you.

    Julia Tomiak said...

    Lori, I hope you're not too busy for this, but I'm giving your blog the "Liebster Award" - it's a pay it forward award for blogs that deserve a bigger following. More info at my blog http://juliatomiak.blogspot.com. Looking forward to another post!

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