Saturday, June 2, 2012

    Follow the Reader: Reading Conference Swag

    AKA: I got some FREE BOOKS!

    I love attending reading conferences for many reasons--I get to meet other reading professionals, I always come home with exciting new ideas, they insist on sending me away with yet another new tote bag. But my absolute favorite thing about reading conferences? The free books!

    Not only did I snag some free books this year, but four of them are ARCs. Bonus. Thank you, Penguin Young Readers!

    The fifth is a copy of The Hobbit from Houghton Mifflin. I'll admit I was kind of confused about that, since I can't imagine that any of the thousands of reading professionals walking around the conference doesn't already own The Hobbit. But I'm not going to complain about a free book, especially when that free book is as awesome as The Hobbit.

    I just started reading Jessica Khoury's Origin and it is great so far. I'll be sure to share reviews of all these ARCs as soon as I'm done. I'll get them all read before they hit bookshelves this fall, so stay tuned.

    Anyone else reading ARCs right now? Or just a really great new book? What should I be adding to my To Read shelf for the fall?


    Emma Meade said...

    For some lighthearted reading try Practice Cake by Dalya Moon. It's a fun and easy, summer read.

    Julia Tomiak said...

    I can't wait to read your reviews! Right now I'm trudging through "Great Expectations" , really wanting to open the copies of "Paper Towns" & "I Am the Messenger " that are sitting by my bed.

    Blogging4Jobs said...

    Hi Lori-

    You certainly picked up the creme de la creme of   conference swag with this collection of freebies! I've been to conferences in which they give away books from sponsors or keynotes, even if the subject matter is sometimes irrelevant. But The Hobbit? What a great takeaway!


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