Monday, February 20, 2012

    Follow the Reader: My Latest Book Binge

    Oh, it was a good week for a book binge.

    Purchased brand new from Barnes & Noble
    I was first introduced to this book when I saw it sitting next to Lisa See's other books on a special table in the bookstore. 
    I chose to buy this book because I triple-puffy-heart-LOVED Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. In fact, I loved that book so much that I'll by anything Lisa See writes. My love affair with Asian and Asian American lit began in undergrad, when one of my favorite professors was an Asian American literature scholar. I took every class she offered, she was that good. 

    Purchased brand new from Barnes & Noble
    I was first introduced to this book when I read about it in a gazillion different book reviews. Seriously, was this not one of the most beloved books of the last few years?
    I chose to buy this book because it had all those great reviews, and a trusted friend of mine read it and gave it a really interesting review on Goodreads. It sounds like this book reads more like a collection of short stories than a novel, which is something I typically love. Also, I really liked this interview Egan gave for Opening Lines.
    Purchased brand new from Barnes & Noble
    I was first introduced to this book when I saw it sitting on the Buy 2 Get the 3rd Free table at Barnes & Noble.
    I chose to buy this book because it sounds super interesting, based on the back cover and first few pages alone. And, I was already buying two other books from the table, and so the third would be free. :) I buy a lot of books on impulse like this, it's a weakness that comes from loving books too much.
    Purchased brand new from Barnes & Noble
    I was first introduced to this book when I saw a color ad for it in the Book Review, I believe. It could have been in another paper, though. 
    I chose to buy this book because I saw it on display and remembered liking the blurb I read in the ad. It's a beautiful cover, and after re-reading the back I thought I want to read this. So, I will.
    Purchased brand new from Barnes & Noble
    I was first introduced to this book when I read about Amanda Hocking's incredible transition from indie author to traditionally published author. Interesting NPR piece about that here.
    I chose to buy this book because I want to know what all the fuss is about. Hocking has millions of readers, so there must be something great here. I want to get in on that! I've already purchased one of her books on my Kindle, but I can't remember which one, so . . . let's hope it isn't this one. 
    Purchased brand new from Sam's Club
    I was first introduced to this book through John Green's Vlogbrothers videos.
    I chose to buy this book because well, I've already shared my John Green obsession with you. So, there's that. I planned on buying TFIOS once it came out in paperback because I just plain prefer paperbacks. And, I didn't get to the store fast enough to snag one of the first-run copies that John Green signed, himself. Or did I? Yup, that's right, I found a signed copy, and it was just this past weekend, long after they should have all been gone. 

    This is how it happened: My husband coerced me into going to Sam's Club with him on Saturday. (I hate large stores, especially of the warehouse variety.) So, whenever I find myself in a store I naturally wind up pacing back and forth in the book section, provided they have one. If they don't, I follow my husband around muttering complaints about the lack of books. 

    There I was, looking at the books, and I saw it. That beautiful, yellow sticker:
    Now, I thought it couldn't be true. How was this one signed copy just sitting there waiting for me to grab it. There were several other copies there, but none of them signed. No, siree.
    I braced myself for disappointment. I opened the cover, flipped to the first white page, and there it was:

    So, I had to have it. And no, I'm not sleeping with it under my pillow or anything, thankyouverymuch.

    All of this recent talk about bookstores disappearing has motivated me to buy more books, to do my part to keep them around. It's a struggle, really, buying all these books. :)

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    What about you? What books have you bought lately?


    Allie said...

    I went to The Last Bookstore in downtown LA on Saturday with a friend. IT WAS WOOOOONDERFUL!!! First, it was listed as one of the top twenty most beautiful bookstore in the world (and it was pretty cool). Second, it looks like a regular bookstore that has lots and lots of new books but instead, most of them are used and in great condition. The majority were a whopping $5 with some being a few less and maxing out (used) at $8. I had to use restraint to not buy ten books but I ended up with a great YA called Godless which I already ripped through as well as a $5 copy of American Gods by Neil Gaiman and The Jane Austen Book Club...both of which I'm pretty sure you have but for $10 total, it was too good to pass up since I'm on the wrong coast to share books. It was glorious. I know where we'll be going next time you visit!!!!

    Janiera said...

    Cool books, I have A visit From the Goon Squad on my on book shelf but just never picked it up. I loved Hollowland by Amanda Hocking so Switched is probably really good too.

    Lori Oster said...

    Allie--Oh, I am so there. AMERICAN GODS is really good, I read that recently. I think you'll like it, especially because of the topic. If I had been more ambitious, I would have done some research into the various gods that were in the book.

    I heard about GODLESS, can't wait to hear what you think of it. I own THE JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB but haven't read it, yet. Great movie, though.

    We must visit that store next time I'm in LA.

    Janiera--I'm really excited to read both of those books. I feel like I missed out by not reading GOOD SQUAD when everyone was buzzing about it.

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

    Emma said...

    I must read Switched or at least one of her books since Amanda Hocking is a legend in the self-publishing world. I visited my second-hand bookstore in town lately and bought The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff and Fallen by Thomas E. Sniegoski.

    Lori Oster said...

    Emma--That is exactly why I feel compelled to read one of Hocking's books. She really is a legend.

    I haven't heard of either THE 19th WIFE or FALLEN. Off to read about them.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Julia Tomiak said...

    Lori! I just finished The Fault in Our Stars and loved it- cried like a baby and had to go find my husband to hug me- but LOVED it. I didn't want to read it - I knew it would be hard, but the characters are so witty and thoughtful, I couldn't help myself. Can't wait to hear your thoughts once you read it. Now I'm off to find another John Green- have any recommendations?
    The 19th Wife is about the Morman church- it switches between a modern story and a pseudohistorical story about the early members of the church. 3/5 stars I wish we lived closer- I'd give you my copy. Read TFIOS first!!

    Lori Oster said...

    I hear really good things about PAPER TOWNS, Julia. Actually, the woman at my local bookstore plans to name her firstborn daughter after the MC in that one. Can you think of a better endorsement?!

    It would be nice to be able to swap! I'll definitely read TFIOS first, I'm hoping to get to it this weekend.

    I sobbed when I finished ONE DAY, have you read that one? Oh, it was so good.

    Amberr Meadows said...

    I've been wanting to check out Amanda Hocking, too. Such great fortune she had, so she must be really good!

    Amberr Meadows said...

    I've heard of Amanda Hocking, so I'd love to check her book out. These others look pretty amazing, too, though!

    Lori Oster said...

    Amberr--I'm really curious about Hocking's writing. I can't wait to read her book. (But I feel that way about EVERY book I buy, so there's that problem.)

    Jason Runnels said...

    Tally another one for curious about Hocking. I should probably read something by her soon.

    Another thing I was fascinated about recently was the life of Anthony Bourdain. How does one end up with their own tv show? So I strayed into non-fiction for a few crazy days and read KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL. I loved it. He is a fantastic writer.

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