Thursday, February 9, 2012

    Thursday Thirteen: Time Suckers

    Thirteen things you're 
    w a s t i n g 
    your time doing
    when you could be 
    R E A D I N G

    1. Clicking frantically through a series of uninteresting blogs
    2. Posting about how bored you are on Facebook
    3. Re-tweeting content that you didn't even check out, yourself
    4. Watching mindless reality TV shows
    5. Texting your friends about how bored you are
    6. Watching YouTube videos of kittens
    7. Going through this entire site because it's hilarious
    8. Culling through your friends' bookshelves on Goodreads
    9. Watching videos of this guy for the millionth time. This week.
    10. Pinning photos you'll never look at again to your Pinterest account
    11. Watching reruns of Seinfeld
    12. Laughing at people who clearly don't read enough
    13. Laughing at people who are genuinely hilarious, yet still huge time-sucking traps

    I'm proud to say that I never engage in #2.
    As for the others, I'm staying mum.  

    What about you? What little things do you allow to creep into your day and suck up all your reading or writing time? Have any good techniques for tearing yourself away?


    Jason Runnels said...

    First of all, find a good book. If it's halfway interesting, I want to spend any free moment sneaking a peek to see what happens. I only put off reading if I'm in between books.

    By the way, I'll have to bookmark Number 7, it looks pretty funny :-)

    Lori Oster said...

    Very true! A good book is the perfect antidote to the time suckers. I agree.

    #7 is hilarious. My husband and I missed our dinner reservations the night we discovered that website. It's a gold mine of hilarity.

    Thanks for stopping by, Jason!

    Rose said...

    #3, #5 & #8 are so true about me! Lol. And complaining about having no reading time!
    Weekend is my favorite time to read, nothing bothers me then.

    Janiera said...

    #8 is the crime I'm guilty of because Goodreads is addictive. God, help me if the book is bad becuase I'll never finish it.

    Lori Oster said...

    Rose--#8 Really kills me, too. I love that site, and I've discovered so many great books from friends' shelves, but sometimes I look up at the clock and think "Where did the last hour go?"

    And, don't even get me started on great book blogs like yours! I spend way too much time there~

    Janiera--I'm with you. Life is too short (and our bookshelves too full) to read bad books.

    Thank you for your comments, everyone! I feel so much better knowing I'm not alone. Now, off to watch more kitten videos . . . :)

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